An autonomy open to the environment

An autonomy open to the environment related with the concepts of the ‘economy of  flexibility’ of Gregory Bateson, where  the combined effect of multiple changes, each of which exacts a price in the soma, will be multiplicative.

‘An autonomy that is closely linked to that of dependence. ‘- Morins

‘A self organizes system is a system that constructs it’s autonomy, and that requires energy, an energy from outside. So dependence not merely energetic but informational, since living beings extract information from the outside world to in organizing its behavior.’

A question is what kind of information organize the system, which information is the pattern (organize) and which is the noise (disorganize). In human brain noise is not a waste because it can be used trough feedback later, in a computer noise is something that is not needed, that makes operations slower. Can a system use the noise, the way the brain does?


The time in the structure:

Knowing that systems tents in disorganization, the concept of entropy introduced the time in one way.

Considering the time as an arrow- one way, there is  a specific amount of energy  for the system.

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